“Mis cántaros, tus cántaros”

About This Project


Installation of 16 ceramic totems in wooden shelves

Variable measurements

Mandarin Oriental Santiago, Chile.





The work is related to the important pottery tradition of our country. It is a tribute to our native peoples, most of whom are potters. The work was made with different types of clay from our territory and the pieces were burned at high temperature in a gas oven. It was a collaborative work with a Jose Luis Pincheira, master turner from Pomaire, city of potters were he learned this trade due to his family pottery tradition.

The concept of the work has to do with the fact that the pieces are symbolically connected to each other through their fluid circular shapes. The Cántaros used to contain and store, contain water, keep cereals, grains and food in general. These were very valuable and necessary elements for each family so they could protect and preserve their harvests at the moment of keeping them for all the year.

My intention was to re-value and remember the richness and the simplicity of the popular wisdom of our ancestors. Through these ceramics, I am interested in transmitting the knowledge that ancient peoples carried with them through a fluid transfer of information that was transmitted from generation to generation, especially from the feminine sphere. For me, it is very necessary to remember and keep these traditions alive, recreating these pieces as magical symbols that contain simple wisdom that is related to the manual work of craftsmanship.   At the same time, I am interested that each sculpture seems to be a totemic character related to the sacred, timeless but precious pieces as if they were found treasures or archaeological pieces that have just been discovered.