My visual research begins with the use of geometry through patterns that I organize into various grids. It establishes frames, directions and – finally – a certain order that helps me to define a workspace. I am interested in the diversity of opportunities that are generated in this space and as by means of these patterns and their repetition, I can transmit a dynamic movement. In the same way, my work examines what happens when transforming something two-dimensional into something three-dimensional, creating even more complex possibilities of actions.


Simultaneously and as a visual reference, a constant in my work is the cross with symbols of sacred geometry present in Latin American cultures as well as in ancestral civilizations from different parts of the world; From this image, I attempt to put into value something of my own, that reflects on the current worldview, networks and relationships, the existence, dimensions and the human scale in front of the natural universe.


Partially, as a reaction to the current protaganism of the digital image, I seek to reflect upon things by doing; and doing so via actions which require an extremely high level of manual precision. By working with geometry I am forced to adhere to the ratios and measurements of chosen shapes. However, I am also motivated to break with those restrictions exploring new forms and polygonal constructions where you proof the concepts of figure and background and also reality or fiction, from a perceptual experience in which the senses are involved and there is an active participation of the spectator being this and its reflection, an important part of the constitution of the works that are always changing and constantly moving.


At the same time it motivates me to work with diverse materials, granting them the greatest importance and thus, the material chosen would be the leading new research from its shape, structure, improvisation, chance and uncertainty of not having clarity many times of what happen.

Formación  •  Resume


2000-2006 BFA in Fine Arts with mention in Painting  | Finis Terrae University Santiago, Chile.

2004 Faculty of Arts and Humanity | Guadalajara University, Guadalajara, México.

1999 Conservation and restoration studies | Universidad Internacional Sek Santiago, Chile.


Seminarios, cursos y residencias •  Seminars, courses and residences


2017 Residence Institut Für Alles Mögliche | Berlin, Germany March-August

2014 Residence Taller Bloc | Santiago, Chile March-December

2012 Workshop on Work Analysis and Criticism, Eugenio Dittborn | Santiago, Chile March 2012-January 2013.

2012 Experimental Ceramic Seminar, Fernando Casasempere | Santiago, Chile August-November.

2010-2016 Assistent ceramic atelier, Pilar Correa | Santiago, Chile.

2008 Workshop Artist Book, Martín Kowensky | Buenos Aires, Argentina March-April.

2000 Basic Photography , Patricia Novoa | Universidad Católica de Chile.


Exposiciones Individuales •  Solo shows


2017 Estrella Sur/Südstern | Galerie Seippel, Cologne, Germany April – June.

2016 Métrica | Sala Gasco Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago, Chile May – July.

2015 15 x 15 | Taller Bloc, Santiago, Chile June.

2013 Encaje | Galería Artespacio, Santiago, Chile August-September.

2009 PLAY | Teatro del Lago, Frutillar, Chile April-May.


Exposiciones colectivas (selección) •  Selected group exhibitions



One On One Nachspiel | curator: Keumhwa Kim & Ulrike Riebel, Koreanischen KulturZentrum, Gallery damdam, Berlin, Germany. July-August

1313 | Liegenschaft, Institut Für Alles Mögliche Berlin, Germany. July.

Raue Strömung | curator: José Délano, Galerie Eigenheim, Berlin, Germany. June.

One one One (4) | Institut Für Alles Mögliche & Keum Art Projects, Abteilung für alles Andere, Berlin, Germany. May.

Open Studio | Liegenschaft, Institut Für Alles Mögliche Berlin, Germany. March.

Trazado, Investigación de la geometría del siglo XXI | curator: Ernesto Muñoz. Corporación Cultural de las Condes  Stgo, Chile. March-April.

TRANSFORMA |Fundación Cultural de Providencia Stgo, Chile. January-April.


XI versión Premio Arte Joven MAVI Minera Escondida | Museo de Artes Visuales MAVI Stgo, Chile. Dec. 2016 -February 2017.

Icebreaker | Galería Mutt Santiago, Chile August. 
1ª Muestra Tripartita, Reacción/ Interacción 
OpenArt space, Santiago, Chile March –  May.

Buena Compañía  | curator: Cristian Silva. Fundación Cultural de Providencia, July-Sept.


Muestra Bloc | Taller Bloc, Stgo, Chile.
Re/Articulado | Kunstgarden Puerto Varas, Chile, February.

Taller Dittborn | curator : Eugenio Dittborn, Galería D21 Stgo. Chile, January.
The Art Lovers | curator : Yael Rosenblut, Stgo. Chile, Luis Carrera 1817, February-March.
Ventanas en Isidora | Urban intervention at the public space, Isidora Goyenechea. Stgo, Chile, Nov. 2011-April 2013.

Imagen Final | curator: Carlos Navarrete, Sala UFT Stgo. Chile. June-July.
Los 4 elementos (4e) | curator: Carlos Navarrete, Galería Artespacio , Stgo. Chile, February-March.

Left Overs | Salón Tudor Stgo. Chile, Nov-Dec.

Personal | Centro Cultural Providencia Stgo. Chile, March-April.
DOMO UNO | Centro Cultural Mori Bellavista Stgo. Chile, June.
1234º | Centro Cultural Las Condes Stgo. Chile, Nov.

El Bosque| curator: José Manuel Belmar, Palacio Cousiño Stgo. Chile, April.
Pintando Monos | Teatro de Zapallar, Valparaiso, Chile, January-February.

Imagina Brasil | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC  Stgo. Chile.


Ferias de Arte •  Art Fairs


Art Pampelonne | Galerie Seippel. Saint-Tropez, France. 2017

SCOPE NEW YORK 17ª International Contemporary Art Fair| Yael Rosenblut Gallery. Metropolitan Pavilion. New York, USA. 2017

Zona MACO 13ª Feria internacional de Arte Contemporáneo| Yael Rosenblut Gallery, Ciudad de México, México.  2016

Art/TO Art Toronto International Canada´s Fair for modern and contemporary art| Yael Rosenblut Gallery, Toronto, Canada. 2015

Cha.CO 7ª Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo | Yael Rosenblut Gallery, Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Stgo. Chile,  2015

Cha.CO 6ª Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo | Galería Artespacio, Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Stgo. Chile, 2014
1ª Versión ART STGO Feria de Arte Contemporáneo | Centro Cultural GAM Stgo, Chile,  2014

Cha.CO 4ª Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo | Galería Artespacio, Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Stgo. Chile,  2012
Cha.CO 3ª Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo | Galería Artespacio, Centro Cultural Estación Mapocho, Stgo. Chile,  2011
ArteBA 19ª Feria internacional de Arte Contemporáneo | Galería Artespacio, La Rural Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010
Cha.CO 2ª Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo | Galería Artespacio, Casas de Lo Matta Stgo. Chile, 2010


Becas y reconocimientos •  Scholarships and awards


2017 Fondart, Development Fund for Arts and Culture.

Art Residence in Berlin, Germany, Institut Für Alles Mogliche.

2016 Selected for the first Latvia International Ceramic Biennale| Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre, Daugavpils, Latvia.

2015 First Constest TransparentArte prize 2015, Competition sponsored by FAVA CHILE and the Council for the Transparency of the Government of Chile.

Image of the summit ICIC 2015.

Selected contest Live Art , National Library, Consistorial Palace Stgo, Chile.

2014 Residence grant Bloc Artspace, March-December 2014.

2011 Prize of the public, Special Mention, Urban Intervention project, Ventanas para Isidora, Stgo, Chile.


Obras en colecciones •  Works in Collections


TransparentARTE Public Collection, Stgo. Chile.

Ca.Sa. Collection, Stgo. Chile
Abel Guaglianone Collection, Buenos Aires. Argentina.
ACHS Public Collection, Stgo. Chile.

Carlos Cruz Collection, Stgo. Chile
Juan Eduardo Salinas Collection, Stgo. Chile
CCU Collection, Stgo. Chile.